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AZ CCW Class Manana

AZ CCW Class May 19th...

Just in:

Gunsmith Special

Truck Mates/Line X of Yuma

Live Scan

AZ CCW Tomorrow:

8 AM to 5 day and done. 'Best of Class' AZ CCW instruction by phenomenal instructors...$89

This will be a small class and excellent opportunity to learn from a career law enforcment professional...and all around nice guy.

Instructor: Jeff Ruby

Just in:

Used guns....lots with more getting ready to be processed. All with Sprague's exclusive Life Time Warranty...

Browning BAR Long Trac .270 Win like new  $799

Ruger 1911 9mm w/box like new $599

Winchester 1873 (2) from $799 - $1199  (mfg 1884 & 1886)

Many many more....


*Sig P938 Stand America Stars/Stripes $759

*Weatherby Vanguard Wilderness .300 Wby. $869

*Springfield Armory Saint Pistol $949

*Ruger PC Carbine 9mm $529

*Howa American Flag Chassis Rifle pkg in 6.5 Creedmoor...$1299

Gunsmith Special:

-20% off pre season clean and oil...Caleb Fitschen is our Head Gunsmith...all work 100% guaranteed!

Truck Mates/Line X of Yuma ... get your truck ready for summer vacation travel here...3M Tint too! Call Brent or Brant @ 928-726-9199

Live Scan...we are now offering Live Scan Digital Finger Printing Services. $20 mess and highly accurate..100% guaranteed. Soon to follow will be passport photos also. On site service available also by quote....this was motivated by our Class III NFA customers and we are extending it to all sectors of need.

Watch for Memorial Day promotion coming soon.

Thank you for shopping Sprague's and Truck Mates / Line X of Yuma!

R. Sprague






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